Morgan Simon has made a significant contribution with the very big idea that we can change the world by changing how we all relate to money. And lucky for us, Simon is as entertaining in her writing as she is brilliant in her concepts.

-- Van Jones, CNN

Impact investing is a subject that deserves in-depth, powerful scrutiny. REAL IMPACT offers much of that, and will give readers an introduction into understanding where this kind of work can bring hopeful change and where it can’t. Timely!

-- Bill McKibben, Author of Deep Economy

REAL IMPACT is a unique and valuable teaching tool. Morgan Simon’s expertise in the field is unparalleled, and brilliantly shared through this book.

-- Vikram Gandhi, Senior Lecturer, Harvard Business School

Where we invest speaks to our values as a country that prioritizes our collective social welfare. Morgan Simon’s innovative investment approach ensures money can serve as a force for good, for everyone.

 -- Congressman Keith Ellison, House Financial Services Committee

To drive significant social and environmental progress around the world, investors need to understand how to structure and deliver capital in a way that works for high-impact enterprises. REAL IMPACT highlights the complicated trade-offs they will face along the risk-return spectrum and offers a blueprint for market growth. It helps fill the knowledge gap between optimism and execution.

 -- Debra D. Schwartz, Managing Director of Impact Investments,   MacArthur Foundation

Over 1,700 asset owners around the world, from pension funds to insurance companies and sovereign wealth funds, have become signatories to the UNPRI, as its becomes increasingly clear that social and environmental trends can create financial opportunities. Investors now have the capacity to help solve the world’s problems and deliver strong returns for their beneficiaries and clients. Morgan Simon is a global leader in impact investing, and this book offers critical lessons for those interested in being on the cutting edge of this exciting new field.

 -- Dr. James Gifford, Founder and former Executive Director, United Nations Principles on Responsible Investment