Business Insanity Talk Radio

February 2, 2018

Morgan talks to host Barry Motz about the connection between finance and social justice. Listen to the segment here

Business Builders Show

January 31, 2018

Marty Wolff speaks with Morgan about why we are all social investors and how the decisions we make everyday impact our communities and our world. Listen to the full episode here

NBC Better Business

January 30, 2018

Morgan contributes tips for socially responsible investing through your retirement account. “We all begrudgingly go to the dentist and the doctor once per year, so take yourself for a financial checkup once a year as well.” View the piece here

GreenMoney Journal

January 4, 2018

GreenMoney Journal interviews Morgan about her history as an activist, her favorite tales from the field, and how investors can deepen their positive impact. Read the full interview

Money Matters Radio

December 11, 2017

Morgan talks to Christopher Hensley about the potential for impact investment to transform the global economy. Listen to the podcast episode here


December 5, 2017

NextBillion reviews Real Impact and offers a free chapter to subscribers of their newsletter. View the promotion here

The Globe and Mail

December 2017

The Globe and Mail’s December 2017 issue of Report on Business Magazine lists REAL IMPACT as one of the “New books on how to make the world a better place.” Check it out here


November 21, 2017

Morgan discusses how you can reduce the "ick factor" and feel better about what your money is doing in the world, even as it makes you more money. Read the full article


Smart People Podcast

November 20, 2017

"Money is a tool to create the things that we want. It is a proxy for security, health, and welfare for our families and loved ones..." Listen to the full episode here


November 18, 2017

"To prevent climate-related disasters, invest differently." Morgan discusses how new approaches to investing can help us combat climate change. Read the full piece here

Stanford Social Innovation Review

November 2017

"Simon's book warns against short-sighted impact investing that brings more benefit to investors than to the communities it supposedly supports." Read the full review by Kesha Cash and Melissa Plotsky here

PBS Newshour: Making Sen$e

November 13, 2017

"Every generation lives on the cusp of major social transformations. Ours is witnessing revolutionary changes in the role of capital in society, with trillions of dollars migrating toward positive social and environmental purposes. It would be a tragedy to let this moment pass without attempting to maximize its potential as conscious consumers of impact investment." Read the full piece here

Impact Alpha: Returns on Investment

November 2017

On this episode of ROI, David Bank chats with Morgan about her new book. Listen to the full conversation here


November 9, 2017

"Syncing up Impact Investors with the Communities They Want to Serve" Anne Field profiles Morgan's work and the Transform Finance Institute for Social Justice. Read the full coverage here


November 6, 2017

"Lessons Learned from Haiti for Puerto Rico: Charity is a Poor Tool for Rebuilding a Country" Morgan Simon and Transform Finance staff member Isabelle Clerie discuss how non-extractive finance can lead to longterm rebuilding. Read the full article here


October 4, 2017

Watch Morgan's interview with Cheddar from the floor of the NY Stock Exchange


NPR's The Leonard Lopate Show

October 2, 2017

Morgan Simon "shows how this new brand of investment must be structured differently than our current model of charity or else they won't be able to accomplish their goals." Listen to Morgan's interview with Leonard Lopate here. 


Kirkus Reviews

August 6, 2017

REAL IMPACT "counsels that investors take steps that, en masse, would shake Wall Street to the ground," and is "a clear-eyed case for socially conscious investment, of much interest to those who want their dollars to do good." Read the rest of the review. 


Publisher's Weekly

July 2017

A "fast-paced, provoking book" that is "clear-eyed, explicit, and tinged with just the right amount of outrage," REAL IMPACT is a "clarion call that the world of well-meaning social justice activists needs to hear." Read the rest of the review