Morgan's book, REAL IMPACT can be found on Amazon, or go indy with Politics and Prose.

Articles follow her journey building bridges between finance and social justice, sharing how money shapes society.

Harvard Business Review

"Can Impact Investing Avoid the Failures of Microfinance?" Morgan explores how scaling financial innovations affects social impact.

Forbes profile

"Syncing up Impact Investors with the Communities They Want to Serve" Anne Field profiles Morgan's work and the Transform Finance Institute for Social Justice.


A "fast-paced, provoking book" that is "clear-eyed, explicit, and tinged with just the right amount of outrage," REAL IMPACT is a "clarion call that the world of well-meaning social justice activists needs to hear."


"Lessons Learned from Haiti for Puerto Rico: Charity is a Poor Tool for Rebuilding a Country" Morgan Simon and Isabelle Clerie discuss how non-extractive finance can lead to longterm rebuilding.


"Feel better about what your money is doing for the world — without hurting your investment returns." Morgan discusses how you can reduce the "ick factor" with three easy steps.


REAL IMPACT "counsels that investors take steps that, en masse, would shake Wall Street to the ground," and is "a clear-eyed case for socially conscious investment, of much interest to those who want their dollars to do good."

NBC Better Business

Morgan contributes tips for socially responsible investing through your retirement account. “We all begrudgingly go to the dentist and the doctor once per year, so take yourself for a financial checkup once a year as well.”

Thomas reuters

"What impact investors can learn from activists."  Because social good, like investment management, is serious business. article

"To prevent climate-related disasters, invest differently." Morgan discusses how new approaches to investing can help us combat climate change.