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Morgan Simon, the author, is available for the following types of workshops:

  • Colleges and universities--add a social change lense to your finance curriculum
  • Financial institutions moving into impact investment--lessons from the field from a 15 year practitioner
  • Foundations and endowments--portfolio approaches to transformative impact
  • Non-profits and movement leaders--how to leverage the tools of impact investment and social enterprise for systemic change
  • Content available in English, Spanish or Portuguese

        ongoing events bridging the gap between finance and social justice                               are also held by transform Finance:

  • The Transform Finance Investor Network, bringing together over $1 billion in investor capital, meets monthly to discuss transformative investment opportunities and practices such as diligence and deal structures.
  • The Tranform Finance Institute for Social Justice Leaders, which provides movement leaders the opportunity to learn more about how to leverage impact investment and earned revenue strategies for movements, and how to hold it accountable when it claims to "do good" for communities.  

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