Morgan Simon has close to two decades of experience making finance a tool for social justice. In that time she has influenced over $150B and is a regularly sought out expert on impact investing. Her book, Real Impact: The New Economics of Social Change has been featured everywhere from Harvard Business School to the United Nations. She is a regular voice in media and active investor as Founding Partner of Candide Group, a Registered Investment Advisor.


Morgan is proud to announce that Candide Group has launched Real Money Moves: a national initiative of athletes, actors, artists and everyday activists who want their money out of private prisons & invested back in communities. 

With the help of celebrities like Taylor Schilling and Alysia Reiner, stars of Orange is the New Black, and NFL player Derrick Morgan, Real Money Moves has over $10M in commitments from celebrities and activists looking to start an important conversation about the power of money.


Morgan is a frequent author, noting the money story behind social issues with an emphasis on the intersection of economic and racial justice.  Read her posts from Forbes to, and get her book.



See Morgan speak on impact investing, including interviews with Business Insider and Cheddar from the NYSE.  Equally investor, activist and artist, you can also see her latest dance videos as well. Get her audiobook FREE with an Audible trial.


Morgan is frequently sought to speak on investing and social change, and is available both for media commentary and live speaking appearances.  


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From Van Jones to Bill McKibben to Congressman Keith Ellison, Real Impact is making waves.

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Learn about Morgan's background as investor, activist, dancer and author.